Medical examiner: Boy left in van died from hyperthermia

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Shelby Hester is still dealing with the loss of her son, Logan Starling. Deputies say the four-and-a-half- year-old boy was found dead in the back of his stepmother's hot mini van on September 28.  

His autopsy was just released.  His mom says she was startled by it.  

"His body temperature, it was 108," said Hester.  

According to the autopsy, that was Logan's body temperature once paramedics got him to the hospital.  Records show the inside of the car measuring up to 121 degrees F.   

The medical examiner lists the cause of death of hypothermia, the manner of death as an accident.

"Even if it was an accident the bottom line is, it's still neglect.  To me its like something is missing but I don't know what," said Hester.  

For now, Hester is finding comfort keeping Logan's prized gecko Pajama Mask and favorite things close to her.  

"This is my necklace. It's the infinity sign and it has his ashes in it.  I always wear it, keep close to my heart," said Hester.

Detectives in November said that they would hand their case over to the prosecutors.  On Tuesday, morning a spokesperson asked that we to check back with them in a few weeks, to see if anyone would be charged in Starling's death.