Mayor of DeBary encourages gun ownership

The mayor of DeBary urged people to immediately arm themselves following the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Mayor Clint Johnson says all law abiding citizens should have a gun. Johnson went on to say that he'd be willing to spend tax dollars to get concealed weapons permits to each citizen who wants one. "They would actually come in or go to one of those businesses that offer a concealed weapons permit course, do it, and the city could get some discounted rate, or reimburse them, or just pay for the class itself," Johnson said.

"Have the instructor come to City Hall and do it. I mean it is just a class and it makes sense that we should do it. The most well armed and prepared community in the state of Florida, and ultimately that would become the safest place to live in the state," Johnson concluded. 

When asked if he believes guns should be allowed in DeBary bars, Johnson said that would be up to the state, but he says he wouldn't mind if lawmakers take a look at the issue.