Markeith Loyd ushered out of court after outburst

Markeith Loyd on Thursday made his first appearance before a judge since being found guilty in the murder of Sade Dixon, his pregnant ex-girlfriend. 

Loyd is set to go to trial for the State of Florida’s case against him in the murder of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton in May 2020 and Thursday appearance was for a pre-hearing in that case.

During the hearing, Judge Leticia Marques had Loyd sworn-in, then she asked him about a motion he filed with the Fifth District Court Of Appeals complaining about his attorneys.  Loyd told the judge it was none of her business because she does not have jurisdiction.  The judge made it clear she was not going to be ruling on his motion but added it is something that could affect his upcoming trial in May.

“So you are refusing to discuss your initial complaint against counsel at this time, is that correct?” Judge Marques asked. 

That’s when Loyd got belligerent, cursing at the judge, using several four-letter words and derogatory terms.  Deputies in the room surrounded Loyd who soon started raising his voice. 

“Mr. Loyd watch your tone and the way you speak to me!  He is out!. Out!” said Judge Marques.  

Loyd continued to use foul and disrespectful language aimed at the judge as he was escorted out of the classroom.  He could be heard yelling in the secured hallway even after the door was shut.