Markeith Loyd in court for motions hearing

Markeith Loyd was in court on Wednesday morning for a hearing on several defense and prosecution motions.

For the first time, the prosecution gave an eyewitness look at what happened when Loyd and Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton crossed paths at the Walmart on Princeton Street, and the moment they say Loyd gunned her down.

Prosecutors detailed how they say Loyd murdered Clayton in cold blood.

“The fact that this was not one shot or two shots, that after Sgt. Clayton was on the ground, that the defendant went up and continued to shoot her, that this was an intentional murder,” the state’s attorney said.

Two witnesses who were at the Walmart that day took the stand to say what they saw. First, the court heard from a woman who spotted Loyd and told Lt. Clayton he was in the store.  Then, they heard from a man who tried to help Clayton after her run-in with Loyd.

Prosecutors tried to get evidence of the Clayton shooting admitted during Loyd's trial for the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon, including the Walmart surveillance video of the shooting itself, which was played in court. The judge said no to that, saying it would unfairly prejudice the jury in the Dixon case.