Mark Cuban flirting with 2020 presidential bid in post-coronavirus 'America 2.0'

Mark Cuban is flirting with a presidential bid in a post-coronavirus “America 2.0,” he revealed.

In an interview with Axios, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks discussed his view on the future of America following the coronavirus pandemic. Cuban spoke repeatedly of the “unique opportunity” that Americans face.

When asked if that opportunity might include a presidential bid, Cuban was coy, but didn’t rule out the possibility.

“If this would’ve been a month ago, I would have said absolutely not. But obviously things are crazy, things are changing. So I’ll keep an open mind. But I seriously doubt it.”

Cuban previously considered a presidential bid in 2016, with supposed pressure to run a third-party campaign for the White House, but he dismissed it as “too late” at the time.

“I doubt it,” he said regarding a renewed bid in 2020. “But everything’s a reset right now. You never say never.”

“It’s always plausible, it’s definitely doable. It’s just a question of should you do it?”

If he ran, Cuban would be the third billionaire candidate to enter the race. Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg both spent millions attempting to break out of a crowded Democratic primary, but they only managed a handful of delegates together.

Cuban has recently been vocal about the American landscape in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. He repeatedly mentioned “America 2.0,” which presents a “unique opportunity” for businesses and individuals alike to reshape the country going forward.

“If you have a vision for America 2.0, now’s the time.”

"This is a complete reset. All those things you were wondering about. I wonder if we tried this, I wonder if we tried that. Now we can try them.”

He has taken shots at 3M, echoing President Trump’s concerns about the company’s practices, even going so far as to applaud the president for invoking the war powers act to retain the company’s materials domestically.

He called the company “arrogant” for remaining silent on the issue.

“Maybe they can’t solve the problem,” he said. “I get that, but you can’t ghost the American people.”

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