Many travelers still searching for lost luggage after Southwest Airlines struggles

A lot can happen in two weeks, just ask couple, DeDe Smith and James Bullock.

"Went to St. Louis for his birthday/Christmas present - both dressing as Santa and Mrs. Claus to surprise the family," DeDe Smith said.  

Then, they got their own surprise. Their flight home on Southwest was canceled last Tuesday. When they arrived last Wednesday at the Orlando International Airport, they got an even bigger surprise – their luggage wasn't there. 

"Here's the luggage. I'm waiting. When I was up there a few minutes ago, they couldn't find my luggage," Smith said.


Smith is not sure if the bags are in Orlando and when to expect them.

But Southwest hopes it's soon. "We intend nearly all baggage delayed during the recent holiday travel week to be shipped or delivered by midweek," the company said Tuesday in a statement. 

FOX 35 reached out to Southwest directly to ask about baggage for passengers at the Orlando airport.  A representative didn't respond about the destinations for these bags or have a number on how many have been processed, but said there has been "significant progress." 

In the meantime, Smith and Bullock are holding on to their lost baggage receipt and the receipts for items they've had to buy that are in the suitcases – wherever they are.