Manhunt underway for suspect in Volusia County

Volusia County deputies say Jason Jurado terrorized his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his two kids, obsessively stalking and harassing her.

“A pattern of aggressive, terrorizing behavior that we want to put a stop to, now,” said Andrew Gant, spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, “we want him in custody, behind bars now and to keep the victim safe.”

Deputies say two incidents have them especially worried. First, when they said Jurado kicked-in his ex-girlfriend's bedroom door while she was sleeping.

“I'm okay, but he broke my door, he's driving down my street, please hurry!” Jurado’s ex-girlfriend told deputies when she called 911.

After that, deputies say he hid in his ex-girlfriend's car, then jumped out from the back seat and put a loaded gun to her head.

“She was able to honk, get the attention of passersby, Jason ran off, she flagged down a police officer, and got to file a report with us,” Gant said.

That all happened near a Shell Gas station, where the clerk says he clearly heard her screams.

“She was crying the whole time, she was pleading with him not to take her stuff and she was sorry and all this,” the clerk said, “but she was crying inside, you know?”

Deputies say Jurado grabbed her phone and took off. They say he's still armed with the gun, and anyone who sees Jurado should immediately call 911.