Manhunt ongoing for Windermere home invasion suspects

The manhunt is on Monday morning for two armed masked men.

Deputies say that two suspects broke into a Windermere area home while a family with children was sleeping. The mother says that she woke up to a stranger standing in her dark bedroom, as they came in through a side door. She says that the men pretended to be cops and then robbed them. 

The victims did not want to share their identities, stating that they are traumatized and afraid to be in their own home. The suspects rummaged through their home for about an hour. The mother tried to keep her two sons, 8 and 11 years old, calm.  She says that "they were scared. They're beginning to scream -- they said, please don't do nothing. Don't do nothing. We don't have anything that you're looking for. They said, we don't have drugs here at home. Leave us alone."

The mother says that one of the men threatened to shoot her and her boys before leaving their home. They also were said to have gotten away with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

The victims described the suspects, saying that one man was wearing a skeleton mask while the other had on a SWAT lanyard.

This is one of at least three home invasions in the area recently. Deputies say that on November 2nd, four men robbed a home on Zori Lane. Also, in late October, a man was shot during a home invasion at the Retreat at Windermere Apartments.

Investigators have not said whether any of the cases are connected. For now, that remains under investigation.

The victims in this case say they are adding more security measures to their home. Neighbors are urging each other to report anything suspicious.