Manatees and dolphin swim together near Weeki Wachee

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Manatees and dolphins are a welcome sight to behold in Florida -- but it's not every day you see them swimming side by side.

Michael McCarthy, with See Through Canoe Company, recorded as a dolphin joined a group of manatees swimming near his transparent vessel.

Though the dolphin only stuck around for about 10 minutes, McCarthy said the manatees hung out by his canoe for much longer.

His video showed the manatees swimming on the side and underneath his see through canoe.

McCarthy offered tips on how to watch manatees up close.

"With manatees, when you see them, stop a respectful distance away so you don't spook them, and wait for them to come to you," he said. "They are very curious and friendly and if you are patient and wait for them to come to you, they usually will."

He said the encounters will last a while because it will be on the manatees' terms.

"Although they are friendly and curious, they prefer to approach rather than to be approached," McCarthy advised. "If you just go right up to them, you will usually end up with a picture or video of a manatee swimming away from you."