Man yells lewd statements and exposes self at train station

A deputy from the Winter Park Police Department responded to a Sun Rail location on Monday morning in reference to a man arguing with citizens waiting for the train.

Before the deputy could even arrive, the suspect was seen walking northbound, according to the police report. 

Calls also reportedly continued to come in concerning the same man threatening and screaming at other people in Central Park.

Eventually, another officer arrived on scene and found the suspect, who was identified as Henry Lee Caldwell. The report states that the officer tried to communicate with Caldwell, but would ignore him. He was also seen screaming loudly at the skies in an irate manner.

Reportedly, when Caldwell noticed the officer outside of his vehicle, he began walking towards him. He started yelling at the officer, calling him a white cracker, as well as telling him to do a certain sexual act to him. All communication from the officer to Caldwell was ignored and the suspect kept walking towards the Sun Rail train station.

Once there, Caldwell is stated to have pulled his pants down and fully exposed his genitals. 

Officers were eventually able to apprehend Caldwell, who was informed that he was under arrest for exposing himself in public. The officers say that Caldwell resisted every effort made by the officers. He even went on to attempt to kick out the rear driver's passenger door window. He had to be restrained with hobble straps.

Caldwell was transported to by corrections officers.