Man uses girl's art project to break into home

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Surveillance video shows a man use a young girl's art project to try to break into a house.

Paula Martin said it happened just before 5 a.m. Monday at her home off Bullsboro Drive in Newnan. She said the sound of the glass in her back door breaking was so loud, it woke up everyone in the house.

"We jumped up and ran downstairs and I immediately noticed all the glass on the floor and it was still falling out from the top when we walked up," Martin recalled.

The man ran away before making his way inside the house, but to add insult to injury, Martin said he used a concrete flower that her daughter had to decorate for Mother's Day to shatter the pane of glass.

"He used that and picked it up and threw it through the window and that made me the--almost the saddest," said Martin. "I mean, I was sad about the whole thing, but that I was planning on keeping forever."

The family shared surveillance images of the man with the community and already several people have come forward saying they recognize the suspect. Martin has shared his name and photo with Newnan Police.

"My daughter and I still feel kind of unsafe," she said. "We're kind of worried that he could come back because they haven't caught him yet."

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