Man threatens to kill 7-Eleven employees for refusing to take his pennies

An Orlando man threatened to kill two 7-Eleven employees for refusing to take his pennies as payment.

Korbie Williams and his co-worker Kimberly Akers were working at 7-Eleven when a male, Irese Davenport, walked up the counter to buy a Black and Mild. However, he wanted to pay with only pennies.

Kimberly told Irese that she could not accept that amount of pennies. Irese responded with yelling. Korbie took action by asking that Irese leave the property, but Irese returned an hour later.

Kimberly was able to lock the door before Irese could enter the store a second time. Irese continued to yell at Kimberly through the door, telling her that he would "beat her ass."

A second customer was soon at the door, so Kimberly had to unlock it. When the door opened, Irese swung at Kimberly, but missed. Kimberly then was able to strike him to defend herself. Korbie quickly came to her aid.

Angry, Irese told Korbie that he was "going to die" and that he would "f--- him up" and "kill him." He then proceeded to enter his vehicle. However, instead of leaving, Irese punched Korbie and began to drive in circles while yelling "kill the white girl."

Irese was also yelling about the mirror to his vehicle being missing, despite the fact that Kimberly nor Korbie know why it was gone.

Afraid of Irese returning once again, Korbie and Kimberly agreed that they are willing to testify in court and prosecute Irese accordingly. 

Irese wanted to do the same to Kimberly and Korbie. He claimed that they hit him in his face and pulled off the back side of his side view mirror. However, he did not end up pressing charges.

Irese was soon charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle against Korbie and assault against Kimberly. He was then transported to a Booking and Release Center.