Man honors victims of 9/11 with nearly 3,000 flags on his front lawn

Mitch Krause has set up a 9/11 memorial outside his Altamonte Springs home every year since 2011.

"They’ll look at it and they just start to cry," Krause says about his neighbors who expect to see the display every September.

He always puts up 2,977 flags on his front lawn, one for each person lost in the attacks - and this year is no different.

"To remember that, not only did we lose those lives, but they attempted to destroy the country," he said.

Krause said he remembers getting ready for work when he saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center on TV.

It has now been 20 years since it happened and he says he will never forget it.

He puts out the display so that no one else will forget, either.

"One of these flags is somebody’s father, mother, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather... There is each a story to it."

Krause says many people go by his display to pay their respects.

His daughter is one of them. She's 15 years old, meaning she wasn't alive when it happened.

"I’ve heard stories about people who were personally impacted by 9/11 and lost families," said Stephanie Krause.

She now helps her father set up the annual memorial.

"I'm really proud of my family for doing this and taking time to show and remember these people," she said.