Man found dead inside of home

Seminole County deputies were parked outside the home in Altamonte Springs, where they say Douglas Adams was murdered.

Edwin Daubert has been Adams' neighbor for eighteen years. He said he heard gunshots, Friday night. “That's when it sounded like five or six faint firecrackers. Because he's always making some loud noise over here I didn't think anything about it,” he recalled.

Deputies say a woman found Adams' body in the house around three o'clock Friday afternoon. Neighbor Antonio Bezares said he heard her screams.

“She obviously found him and she was very distraught,” Bezares recalled.

Daubert said he heard the woman screaming and ran next door to see what happened. “I went in and saw him... ugh, I tore back out! Ooh,” Daubert said, shaking his head.

Deputies said this wasn't random, Adams was targeted. His neighbors were left stunned.

“Nobody knows what happened, but it's obviously something bad,” Bezares said.

They said Adams was just a nice guy. “Yeah, he was a friend of the family's. Oh yeah. Mom really liked him when she was alive. He always cooked and brought her stuff over,” Daubert said.

“I just moved here a year ago and Doug was the first person that befriended me, so that's why I liked him a lot,” Bezares agreed.

Deputies said they're searching for the shooter.