Man dies after claiming to have weapon at ORMC, father asks 'Why did they have to kill him?'

A man was shot and killed by police inside Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) on Monday and more details are being uncovered about this deadly showdown.

Orlando police officers fatally shot 33-year-old Brian Baker on Monday after he claimed to have a gun while being treated at the emergency room. He threatened to use the gun several times. It was later discovered that he did not actually have a weapon.

Speaking exclusively with Fox 35, Darren Baker says that his son, Brian Baker, was in the emergency room at ORMC on Monday, complaining of chest pains in the middle of an anxiety attack. Darren admits that his son had mental health issues and a drug problem.

The father went on to say that even though his son was making threats, he expected more from law enforcement. "Why did they have to kill him? Why couldn't they have tazed him or put him in jail and gotten him help," Darren Baker says.  He went on to also say that "they're there to protect and serve, not shoot and kill." 

Officials say that Brian Baker made threats to shoot anyone who came near him. Police say the threats continued for more than hour. Orlando Police John Mina spoke on the incident, saying that "there were patients close by that needed care from the hospital so a decision was made to approach the suspect. He made movements consistent with moving, pulling for a firearm and he was shot and killed by three officers here."

Brian Baker was on his way from West Palm Beach to Kentucky. His father says that he bought him that bus ticket home.

Fox 35 is working Tuesday morning to get 911 calls and body camera video from the officers who say they were forced to fire on Monday morning.