Man describes how he hung a 'Re-Elect Trump' banner at Walt Disney World

A visitor to Walt Disney World turned the entrance to the Magic Kingdom into a makeshift Trump Tower, after displaying a large "Re-Elect Trump Keep America Great 2020" banner high over Main Street.

"My heartbeat comes up a little bit as I'm about to drop the flag," said Dion Cini.  

Video of the incident has gone viral.  

"It's viral, because its Disney."  

Two men unfurled the banner right in the middle of "The Most Magical Place On Earth."   

"I like to call it 'gorilla marketing.'  The media is the best friend to Trump, when it comes to advertising," said Cini. 

Cini has been a seasonal pass holder for 26 years, and he said he spent lots of time recently in the park, planning this stunt.  

"I've been scoping Disney for about a year," said Cini.  

He strategically picked the train station right above Main Street.

"At the end of the parade, just when people are starting to leave the park to go to another park around 2 o'clock, is when a lot of people tend to leave, so I have a lot of people walking in that direction willing to take pictures," Cini explained.  

Displaying a large flag like Cina's is a two-man job.  Cini told The News Station that he enlisted the help of a stranger at the last minute.  The two men displaying the flag for 90 seconds.

"He didn't really know what was going on. I said 'You're going to hold a flag.' I told him as soon as that guy came up, 'Run, get out of here!"

This isn't his first flagging.  Since Trump got elected, he has been flying his Trump flags from his boat in New York City, during curtain call at two Broadway shows, and a Yankees game. This flagging at Disney seems to be the one that's gotten the most attention, and he says he's not done yet.  

"My goal is to make each one bigger and better," said Cini.  

Cina tells FOX 35 that his Disney pass has been revoked.