Man accused of video voyeurism

Deputies in Orange County say a man was arrested, accused of recording video up a woman's skirt while shopping at Walmart.  The victim is warning others to be on alert.

"He was up and back and following me all around."

The woman says she noticed a stranger getting too close to her at this Walmart off Sand Lake Road and John Young Parkway.

"I was feeling very uncomfortable, as though someone was trying to take something from me."

When she turned around to confront him, "he had his phone up my dress in the middle of my legs and I brushed his arm in the middle of my legs and I'm pretty sure I bent his arm. It was the most terrifying thing to feel that intrusiveness."

She says she yelled at him, and he took off running.

"I chased after him and the poor manager of Walmart bless his heart, he was chasing after me saying ma'am, ma'am I've seen people run over this way and in my mind I just want my pictures off his phone."

She says it felt humiliating.

"Extremely violated, even though it wasn't rape of anything of that nature. I shouldn't ever have to ever answer the questions of 'What color is your underwear?' 'What does the underside of your dress look like?'"  

She thought she had scared him away from the store, but was wrong.

"Not even hours later, and he had on a different shirt same shorts. And he was doing it to multiple women."  

Deputies caught Andrew Edwards and charged him with video voyeurism. We asked them about other victims and are waiting for an answer.

"That was a weight of relief, I felt like the deed was done and justice was done."

She has a message for anyone thinking of invading others privacy.

"We are absolutely not your property. You have no right over our bodies. Stay away. It really did hit me hard, I don't want to even wear dresses anymore."

The victim says trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings.