Man accused of stealing 300 gallons of gasoline

Talk about a gas guzzler. An Orlando man is accused of trying to steal 300 gallons of fuel.

Brevard County sheriff's deputies say an agent knew something was wrong when he saw the suspect trying to hide while pumping gas for a long time.  Deputies would later find two hidden bladder tanks in this vehicle filled with gasoline. They tell us the passenger in the car also had several fraudulent credit cards. Deputies say as he was using those cards to pay for the gas.

"They were using credit cards fraudulently to purchase the gas, which would enable them to buy free diesel fuel. They're not paying for it. It's going to come off the victim's credit cards," said Brevard County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tod Goodyear, "and then they re-sell the diesel fuel at market price."

Esmerido Osorio, 51, was taken to the county jail and his since bonded out.  He is charged with unlawful conveyance of fuel and will also face charges for using those credit cards.