Man accused of placing camera in restroom

Port Orange police detectives have arrested a man, accused of secretly recording two women while they used the ladies' restroom at local business. 

Ryan Wilkins is charged with two counts of video voyeurism and two counts of unlawful use of a two-way communication device. Wilkins has been employed as a sales associate at a Firestone on Williamson Blvd, where one of the victims said she located a recording device while in the restroom and reported it to police.

The incidents occurred on June 30, and Wilkins was taken into custody on July 9.  Nicole Loveless says she was one of those victims.

"We don't think of things like a camera being in something we all see and use every day," Loveless said, adding that she feels violated. "Even using the restroom at work where I am four or five days a week is nerve-wracking."

She says she wants to warn others to be on the lookout for surveillance devices where they should not belong.

"It's just disgusting. I have no words...but so many words."

Wilkins has since bonded out of the Volusia County Jail. Authorities said that Firestone's legal department has been cooperating with the investigation over the last week.