Man accused of impersonating law enforcement officer

A 77-year-old Osceola County man was arrested, charged with impersonating a police officer.  

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office says Yunus Gardee walked up and approached a deputy while he had two motorcyclists pulled over in the parking lot of the Muslim Cemetary of Central Florida.  The deputy had just pulled over the two motorcyclists, the bikes labeled “Metro State” on them, saying they’d gone through a stop sign with what appeared to be blue and red flashing lights and an intersection so a funeral procession could drive through. An exchange between Gardee and the deputy was caught on camera.

"What seems to be the problem officer?" Gardee asked the deputy who replied, "It seems, ummm, you a sheriff?" Gardee answered, "Yes." 

The video shows Gardee wearing a black hat that was labeled "Orange County Sheriff" across the front, and "Deputy Sheriff" across the back.  Gardee was also wearing a bright yellow vest with "SHERIFF" spelled out down a reflective stripe on the front.  The video also shows Gardee flashing a lanyard with ID card attached to it, the deputy noting that Gardee flashed it so fast he was unable to read what it said.    

The owner of “Metro State” was arrested just last month on a charge of impersonating a police officer while escorting motorcades to funerals.  While the deputy had the “Metro State” bikers pulled over, he said Gardee walked over and interrupted. 

 According to the incident report, this took place on November 26.  Gardee was arrested this week after the Osceola County sheriff's deputy was told by the Orange County Sheriffs Office that Gardee is a volunteer and not a sworn officer. 

Gardee is now out of jail on bond.