Magic Bullet Fund: How organization helps save dogs and cats fighting cancer

Marjorie Daly got Alex, a lab mix when he was seven months old, and he quickly became one of her babies.

"I have been so lucky because I raised three kids on my own. I raised him like I raised my kids. It was so easy. He is a very well-behaved little boy," she proudly told visitors.

Alex is seven and Marjorie's three kids are grown and out of the house, so it is just the two of them.

She said "He really is my family and my love and my life and my friend. My very, very best friend."

Marjorie struggles with chronic pain and Alex has become her emotional support animal.

"He gets me out of the bed in the morning to feed him and walk him and play with him," she explained.

In July, Marjorie noticed something was wrong with Alex's body — a swollen gland. She immediately took him to the vet and got the devastating news.

"She told me right away, ‘I'm so sorry Marj.  He has lymphoma. He needs chemotherapy. If he doesn't get it, he will die within two months,’" Marjorie reflected.

She was told Alex's treatment would cost between $7,000- $8,000 — money she does not have. So, she reached out to The Magic Bullet Fund for help.

"Magic Bullet Fund is a non-profit that helps people who have a cat or dog with cancer and cannot afford cancer treatment," founder Laurie Kaplan explained.

The fund is named after Bullet, Laurie Kaplan's dog who was also diagnosed with lymphoma in 2000.

"While I was taking Bullet through his chemotherapy, I ran into so many people who had a dog with lymphoma just like Bullet, but they couldn't afford to pay for chemo," Kaplan said.

In 2005, she created a website for people to donate to help pets get the treatment they need to survive. Kaplan estimates the Magic Bullet Fund has helped 828 pets over the years.

Bullet beat cancer and lived to be 14 years old. She wished the same for Alex.

"This gorgeous black lab mix Alex needs more donations, so we can get him through his chemo treatments. He is beautiful. His owner is beautiful, and I would love to see him beat this," Kaplan said.

Marjorie said "I can't even think about living life without this dog right now.  He is so young.  He doesn't deserve this."

The Magic Bullet Fund has helped Marjorie raise more than $2,000, so far. Alex has had two rounds of chemo, but he needs several more.

"Thank you to everyone who has already donated, it is very much appreciated both by Alex and me, even though he can't understand and any money you can donate thank you very much, I would not ask if it wasn't for him," she said.

The Magic Bullet Fund is based out of New York and helps animals across the country.

If you would like to donate to help with Alex’s treatments, click here.