'Luggage Angel' helps dozens of Tampa International Airport travelers find their bags

A woman has been dubbed "The Luggage Angel" after she helped dozens of travelers find their bags at Tampa International Airport. 

Brittany Loubier-Vervisch was supposed to be traveling to Tucson, but like thousands of other travelers this week, that trip wasn't happening thanks to the bomb cyclone. That meant Loubier-Vervisch, a teacher at Tampa's Freedom High School, had hours ahead of her at their airport.

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"I got there was like, 'Oh my God. Like, I've never seen anything like this.' Just piles and piles of luggage everywhere between the carousels, multiple rows of luggage," Loubier-Vervisch said. 


That's when she decided she was going to do whatever she could to help other travelers. Loubier-Vervisch said she began going through the luggage tags one by one, texting upwards of 70 people about their bags' location. 

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She texted many saying, "Your bag is in Tampa. I'm just a random person looking for my luggage."

It's a small gesture that went a long way to put folks at ease. 

"I mean, I'm happy to help people whenever I can," Loubier-Vervisch said. "It's something that I put a lot of value on in my own life."