Looking for the best Black Friday deal?

Looking for the best Black Friday deal?

Experts say it’s worth it to rush out to buy some gifts, but you can skip others.

According to the personal finance website, Wallet Hub, the biggest Black Friday discounts are on video games.

“The consoles and the games themselves and appliances are really big on Black Friday as well as consumer electronics,” said Jennifer Burton, an assistant marketing professor at the University of Tampa.

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Toys fall in the middle of the price break pack, but Burton said they won’t get any cheaper before Christmas and they’re likely to sell out so, "If you have some items that you really want to get this is probably going to be the best time to get them."

Last on Wallet Hub’s list is jewelry.

"This is not really the time that you would find much on high-end fashion or jewelry,” Burton said.

Experts say a precious few deals on jewelry and luxury goods are meant to draw shoppers to store so that they will buy other things.