A 802 pound record-breaking alligator was just captured in this state

Credit: Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

An alligator the size of an adult male grizzly bear was captured by four Mississippi men — breaking the record for the longest alligator harvested in the state. 

The giant male gator was captured in the West Central Alligator Hunting Zone according to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. 

The four men — Tanner White, Don Woods, Will Thomas, and Joey Clark — harvested the 802.5-pound gator that was measured at 14 feet and three inches long, with a belly girth of 66 inches and a tail girth of 46.5 inches. 

During a Fox & Friends interview on August 29, Thomas said the group went gator hunting in the Yazoo River on August 25. It took them seven hours to capture the 14-foot gator. 

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"We saw him early in the evening. We didn't know about him previously," said Thomas. 

"We knew we were in a good spot, and so, we kind of scouted before it got dark," he said.

Thomas said on "Fox & Friends" that he’s not sure how old the alligator was before it was harvested, but he would guess the alligator was at least 40 years old.

Previously, the longest gator ever caught in Mississippi was 14 feet and three-quarters of an inch long weighing in at 766.5 pounds back in August 2017. 

What is the largest alligator ever recorded?

The world record for the largest alligator ever recorded is held by the Stokes alligator which was captured in Alabama in 2014 according to Americanoceans.org. 

The Stokes alligator was captured by an experienced pair of gator-hunting brothers. 

The gator was measured at 15 feet and 9 inches long, weighing over 1,000 pounds. It took the brothers nearly three hours to capture the reptile.