Locket with son's ashes stolen; mom distraught

A mother is asking a thief to return her locket, saying it holds the ashes to her son.

"Irreplaceable it really is," is how Brittany Spain describes it.

The necklace means everything to Spain, because it carries the ashes of her baby boy.

"It's my son, and it's all I have of him. He died in January. And now the necklace is gone too. "He was still born at 26 weeks."

Spain says someone stole her purse, with the necklace inside. Police are investigating.

"What was going through your mind when you realized? Panic, hopefully it gets found. Or whoever had it, I don't care about anything else in the purse, I just want the necklace back."

Spain says she was in the process of taking groceries out of her car, which was parked right in her own driveway when it started to rain. She thought she had locked it. But the very next day, "realized it was stolen at that point."

She wants it back.

"It was a sterling silver necklace with the engraving of HCG on the back .The actual pendant was about an inch big."

And it holds big memories.

"Just put it in my mailbox or on my front door. We won't ask questions if it's returned."

Call Groveland Police at 352-429-4166 if you have information about the theft.