Local toy stores expected to see a boost this holiday season

You've likely heard of toy crazes in the past, but this year it's all about the stores winning your business. With Toys-R-Us out of the game, Target and Walmart are both expanding their inventory. Even local independent toy stores are experiencing the benefits too.

LIGHTEN UP! in Winter Park has been thriving on Park Avenue thanks to owner Todd Jenkins who has been in the toy business for three decades.  

"We have a whole different atmosphere and way of dealing with the customers and even the toys we sell," reveals Jenkins.

Experts say local toy stores will see a boost this holiday season because they let kids and parents test out the toys in the store which has great appeal for parents too.

"I love the comments when they come in especially the adults who say this is a great toy store," Jenkins laughs.

Some of the hot sellers in Todd's store include a hockey board game called 'FASTRACK,' a returning favorite 'KENDAMAS' and one of Todd's favorites the 'ZEEBEE.'

Where and how you shop for toys this holiday may be changing, but bottom line, a toy store is a good reminder we all just need to lighten up!