Local game developers create "Condemn Kim" app

Orlando game designers are poking fun at the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The video game is called "Condemn Kim."

Players throw marriage licenses and other objects at a virtual Kim Davis.
Four developers in Orlando created the Android app, which has been downloaded 7,000 times.

The developers created the game because they felt Mrs. Davis was using her elected office to spread her own religious views.

Hoyt Dingus said the game supports America's LGBT community.

"Everyone should be created equal and no one should be discriminated upon based on just because they are different," said Dingus.
Endless Spiral CEO Brandon Lassiter said most people he's heard from in the LGBT community support the game.
"There's been a few people that haven't just because they don't feel it's the right outlet to go as far as trying to get that message across, but for the most part it's been extremely supportive and extremely positive," Lassiter said.
 Matthew Staver is the attorney for the real Kim Davis.   

He tells FOX 35 News he has already emailed Google and asked them to remove this game from Google Play.
In a statement, Staver said, "This Android app is hateful and is designed to incite hate and violence against Kim Davis. We have demanded it be shut down because it violates multiple Google policies that prohibit apps from targeting individuals and prohibit violence, bullying and hate speech. Kim Davis has received multiple death threats. It is irresponsible of this company to target an individual for violence."
FOX 35 News asked Google for comment, but we did not hear back by our Tuesday night deadline.
Endless Spiral will donate half of its proceeds from the app to charities that support the LGBT community.