Local doctor weighs in on treatments President Trump is receiving during COVID-19 battle

President Donald Trump is receiving several treatments as he battles COVID-19. 

On Friday, President Trump was given an antibody cocktail and started a five-day Remdesivir treatment.

After his oxygen levels dropped twice, his doctors decided to also start a Dexamethasone treatment.

Dexamethasone is a steroid that's typically used in hospitalized patients who need extra oxygen.

The president's doctors say he's doing well and could be released from Walter Reed Medical Center as early as Monday.

Central Florida doctors are now weighing in. Dr. Jason Littleton, of Littleton Concierge Medicine, says it's not typical for someone who initially tests positive for COVID-19 to get all these treatments right away.  

"Right at the beginning where he’s at, that’s not normal. You’re treating the President of the United States and I think this was to get ahead of the game," Dr. Littleton said. "With the medical antibodies, the Remdesivir and the Dethamexazone, they want to make sure that they don’t get into an ICU situation, and I don’t think he will."

From inside an SUV, President Trump waved to his supporters who were outside of Walter Reed Hospital on Sunday. Dr. Littleton said that's a positive sign.

"He’s talking without a ventilator," Dr. Littleton said. "He’s sitting, talking without oxygen, not on a ventilator, no other devices... There shows that he’s doing pretty well."