Central Florida church celebrates anniversary amid community tragedy

There was a special, but bittersweet service this Sunday for the God is Able Outreach church, west of downtown Orlando. Pastor Stovelleo Stovall and his congregation were commemorating the church's tenth anniversary, but also the day his own daughter, Renisha Lee, was found shot to death, two years ago. 

"She did not deserve to be shot down like that inside her own place," Stovall said.

Stovall's wife and co-pastor, Renee, said it hurt that investigators still haven't been able to close the case. 

"Wednesday will be two years, and we need answers," she said, "we have evidence, and it's like no one's looking at what we have and what we have given them."

Their daughter's death is just one in a community that's seen too many young lives lost. This past month, two teens were gunned down in Orlando. One of the victims, Jonathan Robinson, was just 17 years old. Pastor Stovall is friends with his family. 

"I pray for all the families that have lost a loved one to these senseless deaths that continually happen - and they're continually happening!" he said.

Stovall is calling for more manned police substations in problem neighborhoods. His congregants, like Nathan Myers, said these criminals needed to turn their lives around. 

"Put down them guns," he said, "pick up these books you don't understand and read 'em. Get your education, GED, high school diploma. They got a lot of trade spots where you can go and learn things!"