Lava rains from the sky during latest eruption of Italy’s Mount Etna

Italy's Mount Etna volcano has erupted again, mesmerizing people once again with its spectacular explosions. 

The volcano in eastern Sicily spewed out towering clouds of ash and lava stones on March 12. 

Footage by Giuseppe Distefano, who runs Etna Walk, shows the volcano sending a large gray plume of ash and lava into the Sicilian sky.

In the video, loud booms can be heard as lava rains from the sky in a fiery and terrifying spectacle. 

On the morning of March 7, ash and small lava stones rained down on eight villages on Etna's slopes.

Lava flowed from the southeast side of the crater slowly down an uninhabited side, as it has been doing since the volcano rumbled back to life on Feb. 16. The column of ash and lava reached 10,000 meters (33,000 feet) high that day. 

No injuries or serious damage have been reported after the recent blasts. Geologically active, Etna occasionally becomes particularly noisy and explosive as it has been lately.

The INGV scientists say there is no way of predicting when this current round of particularly robust volcanic activity might subside.

The Associated Press and Storyful contributed to this story.