Lakeside community under post-Irma flood warning

Lake Poinsett has never looked larger to forty year air-boat operator Dennis Inman.

"It's flooded, as far as you can see," said Inman, owner of Twister Air Boat Rides at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. "There's no dry land anywhere out there."

Inman took us on a tour of homes on Lake Poinsett, which lies along the St. Johns River in Cocoa, where post-Irma flooding is pushing water levels over top of docks and sea walls.

On Tuesday, the river hit 17 feet, which is considered moderate flood stage. On Monday, heavy rains fell over Brevard County, raising the possibility of pushing the crest higher. The area is already under a flood warning from the National Weather Service.

"If we get much more rain, or say Maria comes this way, everyone could be in pretty dire straights out here," said Inman.