Lake County rolls out Smart 911 system

When you call 911, dispatchers take your call for help and send you the reenforcement you need.   We can't show you specific information on the computer screens, because it's for emergency personnel only, but you can see the dispatcher takes your information verbally over the phone while looking at info associated with your phone.

But imagine if you controlled the info you want the dispatcher to have, and it simply popped up on the computer rather than you having to verbally walk through it in your moment of need?

Medications you or your family is taking, health conditions, address, layout of your home, even information about any pets you have.

If there was a fire for example, this would allow firefighters to search for all pets they otherwise may never find because the pet may be hiding.

Greg Holcomb with Lake County's Department of Public Safety says, "We're still going to follow 911 protocol... this just gives us a secondary screen of information to help."

Holcomb says three thousand some residents have already signed up, but he urges everyone to take advantage of this system many counties still don't provide.

Holcomb says you can opt in and out anytime you want.   Holcomb says 911 fees pay for Smart911..

You can sign up at no cost at