Kissimmee high school class features fake crime scene

A Kissimmee school is offering a new experience for passionate future scientists. 

Just two weeks into the school year, a fake crime scene was found in the classroom. One student said that "It was actually kind of scary cause it like looked so realistic." Thankfully, Dr. Jason Slingerland of Tohopekaliga High School says that he made sure the mystery pills found at Anna's mock crime scene were not real.

Students were tasked to solve the mystery of Anna the mannequin. "We investigate all the diseases she had could the diseases have been responsible for her death or could it have been somebody else responsible," says one student.

The class, biomedical science, is basically C.S.I. It combines biology, physiology, and medicine. Students are in the class because they come here and pick a career pathway. They follow that through, potentially even earning industry licenses. Dr. Jason Slinger says that some even want to be doctors, pharmacists, and crime scene investigators.

High school junior, Roshini Tanna, says that the class "prepares you from the get-go right out of high school just to be prepared for a job as rigorous as that one." And this is all before these students even have a diploma.