Couple FOX 35 News crew met during Ian rescue shows us flood damage to home

A grandmother we met as she was rescued during Hurricane Ian invited us into her home, as she and her husband clean up the damage from catastrophic flooding in Osceola County.

"You were so sweet." It was a touching reunion with Nancy Santucci and her husband David. "You helped me with my bags."

We met the couple outside the Pebble Pointe subdivision right after they were rescued by air boat last week. At that moment Nancy said, "We thought there was no way out and in 15 minutes they’re here. We couldn’t pack fast enough." We asked, "What was it like taking the air boat?" Nancy replied, "Oh a free air boat ride that was great! A hard way to get it." We reply, "Very positive of you!"

"Somebody told me everyone gets a gift and I think mine is gratitude."


Nancy says the couple stays at a hotel at night and cleans their home during the day. "I’ve been scrubbing floors and bringing stuff up." 

Water damage is everywhere, ruining their most precious items. "Everything that was anywhere it could reach floated around, and then we were stumbling through it, tripping on it. They will rip the drywall out and cut the carpet, but before they can do their part we have to have absolutely all the contents out of here."

The mess is overwhelming, but David says after serving many years in the Navy and moving from place to place, they can handle it. "We had a full house of stuff that a lot of it we never used. And Nancy loves stuff so she keeps everything. God told us to clean the house up."

This grandma says she even scored points with her grandkids after our story aired on FOX 35 News. "Grandma’s famous! Oh, grandma you're cool." 

But not knowing where they’ll go next isn’t easy. They're not sure what will be covered by insurance. "My insurance company said no it came in through the door not the roof so sorry." Nancy says, "This is when you find out what each other's made of."

At the age of 82, she questions if she even wants to live here anymore. "I’m willing to let any of it go. Even the things that were all my treasures I don’t care. We’ve got each other, and we feel good about it." 

The couple is sorting through all their property on their own. They plan to apply to FEMA for help.