Kissimmee commissioner involved in domestic disturbance

A Kissimmee commissioner is raising eyebrows after being involved in a domestic disturbance.  Surveillance video taken from inside the city's police station shows Commissioner Arturo Otero walking down the hall as officers investigated a domestic incident between Otero and his wife, Annabel.

Investigators say the pair had been drinking downtown when they got into an argument early on the morning of Friday, Nov. 13. Police say the couple was driving home when Annabell Otero got out of the car.  "Mr. Otero found one of our lieutenants, waved him down," explained police spokesperson Stacie Miller.   The commissioner asked the officer to help him look for his wife. 

Otero works for the Kissimmee Police.  Both her husband and the lieutenant figured she might be at the police station.  "Found her here [at the police station].  At that point, the lieutenant thought it was just a verbal disagreement," said Miller.

According to the report, when the lieutenant saw Annabel sitting at her desk, she had an ice pack to her forehead over a "golf ball sized" lump.  The lieutenant became concerned and separated the couple.  Investigators noted that Annabel was upset that her husband came to the police station and when they asked why she said, "I'm supposed to be safe here."

"They were out at one of the local establishments, had a few drinks, and they got into a verbal altercation that continued in the car. He stopped at a red light, she jumped out of the car," explained Miller.

According to the report, Annabel said she hit her head on the door as she jumped out of the car.  Investigators say, as they questioned her, Arturo Otero was getting impatient waiting in the other room.  At one point, he raised his voice, said he was a city commissioner and that he "signed our paychecks," the report states. 

Investigators say when they questioned Arturo Otero about what happened.  "Their stories matched,"  Miller said. 

Kissimmee police say no one was arrested as investigators determined no crime was committed.