Kissimmee commissioner hires Jose Baez

The man who represented Casey Anthony in her 2011 murder trial is now representing Kissimmee Commissioner Arturo Otero, who fears he is being unfairly targeted by opponents after an incident with his wife last month

Otero has not spoken to the media over what has been described as a domestic issue, but he insists his side of the story be told and was joined on Wednesday by attorney Jose Baez.  Images from a surveillance camera inside the Kissimmee Police Department captured Otero walking down the hall as the police investigated the case.  His wife had a bump on her head and told the police she got it from jumping out of a car. Nobody was arrested and it was determined no crime was committed.

Otero apologized for this even having taken place, not because he did anything wrong, but because it has become a distraction from the goals and vision he has for this community.  He said he takes full responsibility in failing to handle the situation better.  Otero was never accused by anyone of any wrongdoing, and police have clarified that he did not commit any crime. 

The couple is getting counseling from their pastor who was by their side during a news conference on Wednesday.