Kids Beating Cancer charity gets help from restaurant group

COVID-19 has taken a hit on charities, but some kids with cancer are getting help from a local restaurant group.

Talk of the Town is raising donations for the charity Kids Beating Cancer by preparing meals and having them delivered to customers.

The money goes to the charity.

Coordinators say it’s been difficult not having their annual fundraisers in March and April.

Sam Azar, of Kids Beating Cancer, said, "It’s affecting a lot of people. People are not giving us as much, which we understand, so we have to think outside the box regarding fundraising without having events and being face-to-face with people."

Seth Miller, with Talk of the Town, said it's about helping the community.

"We have steaks and wine and things we have access to, so we put a campaign together to provide something for our guests and support these kids that really need this money right now," Miller said.

Donations help with cancer treatment and research.

If you’d like to help, visit