‘Just kill virus man': Seabreeze teacher creates COVID-19-fighting game for students

Students at one Volusia County high school have been helping fight COVID-19 thanks to a video game created by their teacher.

Mr. Hernandez teaches science at Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach. After a tough year for his students, he spent his off-time working on a video game called "COVID CLEAN."

"I wanted them to have something where they can vent their frustrations out, so what better way than have a video game you blast the crap out of the thing that kept them from having their prom," he said. 

The character, based on his wife, shoots people with vaccines who then get a COVID-19 patch.

"My wife’s the most attractive person I know, and she’s a doctor, so she’s spunky Dr. Hernandez running around the campus with a syringe inoculating the world," he said. 

"It’s really awesome that he does this kind of stuff for us," said student Noah Parris.

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Students said it’s a nice break and cool to see the campus they walk through every day in a video game. The buildings in the game are identical to the real buildings on campus. 

"I think it’s really cool because he puts a lot of like other teachers and likes stuff around campus in the game which is really nice," he said. 

The game is not part of his curriculum, instead just a chance for his students to have fun and forget about the chaos. 

"Just kill virus man get it out of your system OK now go to class," he said. 

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