Judge delays Joel Greenberg sentencing to March 2022

A judge on Tuesday approved a motion to push Joel Greenberg's sex trafficking sentencing to March 2022.

Defense and federal investigators say more time is needed to investigate the leads provided by Greenberg in "numerous" cases.

Greenberg's attorney says his client is on a path to redemption and is doing what he can to help in federal investigations.

One investigation involves Florida Republican Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz, a Republican who represents much of the Florida Panhandle, was not mentioned in Greenberg’s plea agreement.

While not mentioning Gaetz by name, in his plea deal, Greenberg said he "introduced the minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts."

Greenberg’s cooperation could play a role in an ongoing investigation into Gaetz’s supposed pay-for-sex relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Greenberg pleaded guilty in May to sex trafficking of a minor and five other charges, among the nearly three dozen he faced.

The Greenberg plea agreement says that he admitted to being "involved in what are sometimes referred to as "sugar daddy" relationships where he paid women for sex but attempted to disguise the payments as "school-related expenses or other living expenses."

Greenberg, the former Seminole County tax collector, currently faces an estimated 12 years in prison, his lawyer said.

Greenberg, 36, also pleaded guilty to identity theft, wire fraud and conspiracy.