JetBlue moves flights to Orlando International Airport Terminal C after delay, baggage claim problems

JetBlue has moved their international flights over to Orlando International Airport’s Terminal C. The airline delayed their move due to technical issues the airport was experiencing in the new building. Some of those have to do with the baggage claim system. 

Airport officials say through practice they are learning the quirks of the new system. Enough so that JetBlue felt it was time to make the move. 

"It was really nice, like really, really nice," said Ashley Morand.  

Morand’s flight from Jamaica just landed in Terminal C. The new building looks the part of the terminal of the future. Although, with new tech came new problems. 


"It’s totally different than operating in terminal A and B, so I think that that takes a little adjusting," said Chief of Operations for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Tom Draper. 

That adjustment delayed JetBlue’s move to the new building. Part of the reason being new high-tech baggage system that was designed to speed up the baggage claim process ended up with a few kinks. 

"When you bring in all the staffing element into it and again when you’re running a live operation with all the nuances of that there are going to be some hiccups," said Draper. 

The Aviation Authority said those hiccups are being overcome and improved every day. Guests who landed in the new Terminal today noticed the difference.

"Today for us so it worked out perfectly. It’s all we needed," said Morand. 

JetBlue plans to move all of their domestic flights over to Terminal C by October 25. In time, the airport hopes to move even more airlines to the terminal and bring over more amenities like rental cars, so there is less moving between terminals.