Janitor starts fundraiser for school landscaping

There's not a lot of landscaping around Titusville High School, so a janitor on the campus is asking the community for help, to spruce the place up.

Titusville High doesn't have the curb appeal Terry Howorth wants it to have.  She has been the head custodian at the school for the past two years. One of the things she has tried to do is plant a row of trees on a median, which she said would be functional and pretty.

"I want that 'wow factor.' I want them to say, 'Wow, this is a beautiful campus!'"

So, she posted on Facebook to see if any parents or residents around Titusville would step up. 

"What I am looking for is hardy shrubs which can stand the sunlight, and a ton of mulch," she said.

Seven bags of mulch showed up on Monday morning. 

"I'll do anything to help my school, and I'm proud of Titusville," she added.

Monday was the first day of donations, and Howarth she hopes they'll keep on coming.