Jaguar at Brevard Zoo undergoes routine exam

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The Brevard Zoo say that their 17-year-old male jaguar, Mulac, underwent a routine examine last week.

Two veterinarians, with the assistance of six animal care experts, were reportedly able to put Mulac under anesthesia for about 150 minutes while examining his body condition, capturing X-ray images, drawing blood, and cleaning his teeth. 

Afterwards, Mulac was returned to his habitat and made a full recovery just hours later, says the Zoo.

“Mulac is in great condition for his age. His joints look good and he’s at a healthy weight of 110 pounds,” said Dr. Trevor Zachariah, director of veterinary programs at the Zoo. “Jaguars in human care tend to live to be about 18, so he is showing typical signs of aging like heavy plaque on his teeth, but we didn’t find any cause for major concern.” 

Mulac is one of three jaguars at the Zoo. 

Jaguars are typically found in forests ranging from the southwestern United States to northern Argentina. Habitat loss, poaching and conflict with livestock managers all pose dangers to wild jaguars, which are considered near threatened.