'It's a victory for him': Tyre Sampson's father reacts to Orlando FreeFall being torn down

Plans are being made to tear down the Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park following the death of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson in March.

The owner of the Orlando Slingshot Company, CEO Ritchie Armstrong, released a statement on the decision saying the company is devastated by Tyre's death and has listened to the wishes of his family and the community.

"We are devastated by Tyre’s death. We have listened to the wishes of Tyre’s family and the community, and have made the decision to take down the FreeFall," Armstrong's statement read. "In addition, Orlando Slingshot will honor Tyre and his legacy in the classroom and on the football field by creating a scholarship in his name."

Tyre's father, Yarnell Sampson, calls the decision a victory.

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"I got to thank ICON Park and also Slingshot for trying to be proactive," he told FOX 35 News. "I left it in God’s hands. It’s not a victory for me, it’s a victory for him because he used me as a vessel…I’m just finally glad they’re coming to their senses and said you know what, let’s get rid of this thing. Let’s start over, come up with a better plan."

The company says it will also honor Tyre's legacy in the classroom and on the football field, by creating a scholarship in his name. The state also plans to address ride safety in the upcoming legislative session.

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The timeline for taking down the FreeFall ride has not been determined yet.

Sampson died on March 24 after plunging to his death while riding the Orlando FreeFall drop tower ride. Video of the incident was shared widely on social media. 

The teen was visiting Orlando on spring break with another family from St. Louis, Missouri. 

The ride – which was relatively new at the time – was billed as the world's tallest drop tower. It has been closed ever since Tyre's death.