'It was disturbing': Central Florida law enforcement officer speaks out about George Floyd's death

FOX 35 Orlando spoke with Sergeant Fred Jones, who is using his platform as a longtime law enforcement officer in Lake County to spread a message.

Sergeant Jones has posted his thoughts about the death of George Floyd on his personal Facebook page.

“It was disturbing to me,” Sergeant Jones said. “I wear two hats. I’m a black man and I’m a law enforcement officer.”

Sergeant Jones is a spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. He started his career there back in the late 90’s.

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“I think this kind of thing can be avoided,” he said. Sergeant Jones believes a specific type of training could prevent these types of situations. “It’s about emotional intelligence and that starts with self-awareness and where you are emotionally because -- here’s the thing -- because our emotions impact our actions."

Last year, he gave a speech about emotional intelligence training.

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“I’ve been doing it since 2016,” Sergeant Jones told FOX 35 Orlando. “Personally, what it’s done for me, not just work-related, but personally -- I know where I’m at. I know my hot buttons. I know what upsets me. I know how to process those things. If you’re not giving those officers those tools, then you’re going to be in trouble.

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He added that "I encourage your deputies to know your community. Make community policing not a unit, but a state of mind. So, I just think it is important.”

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