Irma lashes Puerto Rico, neighboring islands

In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma churned up the waves along the beach and bent palm trees like blades of grass.

“Now it's starting to get really - a little bit stronger now,” Larry Rivera said – an understatement.

Rivera helps run the Melao Bakery, which has locations in Central Florida and Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Rivera showed dramatic video on his phone, sent by his friend who's on the island.

“We have managers over there, we have relatives that work with us over there, and they're not doing that good,” Rivera said.

Keisha Arce works at the bakery. Her sister, and her family, are still in Puerto Rico. She's worried about the rising tides.

“Because for the ocean, because she's behind the oceans - but I know she's protected,” Arce said, “I have faith she's protected.”

Rivera says Puerto Rico's biggest problems may not come until after the storm - power outages and food shortages, but he says they're ready to help. He says two employees went to Houston to help with Hurricane Harvey relief.

Now, he said they're standing by for their people and their island.

“We definitely always do something over there to help them as much as we can.”