Investigators plead for information about 'Baby June'

Detectives in Palm Beach County are making a plea to anyone with information about a baby found floating off the coast of Florida to come forward. 

The baby's body was found floating in the Boynton Beach Inlet last Friday.

On Thursday, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Capt. Steven Stravelli said they believe the baby they're calling "Baby June" was only between four and seven days old and was likely born between May 25th and May 28th. 

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For reasons Capt. Stravelli did not want to disclose, detectives believe the baby may have drifted from Broward County and they are asking anyone in Broward County who may have information about who "Baby June" is to come forward. The baby may have been in the water 16-18 hours, Capt. Stravelli said.

Investigators believe "Baby June" is most likely mixed race, black or Hispanic. Evidence shows it's likely the child was born in a hospital, but she could have also been born at a birthing center and they're not ruling anything out. 

An artist's rendering of the baby was released on Monday in an effort to help identify her.

Anyone with information is urged to call the hotline at 561-688-4155. "We desperately need to talk to you," said Capt. Stravelli. "This is a morning, noon, and night venture," he said.