Intruder shot by homeowner

The Lakeland Police Department says that in the early morning of Sunday, January 28th, officers responded to a residence on Shorewood Place in reference to an intruder who had been shot.

Officers say they discovered that 19-year-old Gabriel Jacobs had been shot by homeowner, 66-year-old Michael Ives.

Police report that Michael and Charlotte Ivs were awoken shortly before 3 a.m. after hearing their doorbell ring. Charlotte immediately notified police as Michael attempted to communicate with Jacobs through the closed front door. Jacobs continued to repeatedly ring the doorbell, yell profanities, and kick the front door. 

As Jacobs' behavior escalated, police say that Michael Ives continuously warned Jacobs that he was armed with a shotgun and to stop. Jacobs ignored the warnings and kicked open the front door. Again, Ives warned Jacobs not to come any closer or he would shoot. Jacobs continued to walk through the doorway, toward Ives and was shot once in the chest.

Emergency medical personnel reportedly responded to the scene to perform life-saving measures. Jacobs was conscious and combative with emergency personnel as he was transported to Lakeland Regional Health.

Police say that several traffic signs were knocked to the ground near the scene and an unoccupied red Chevrolet Impala, belonging to Jacobs' stepfather, was also located near the residence. Jacobs' stepfather told police that Gabriel had been in possession of the vehicle. An accident investigation is underway.

Jacobs is reportedly in critical condition. A charge of Burglary to an Occupied Dwelling is pending upon completion of this investigation.