International employees at Walt Disney World must return home as coronavirus-caused furloughs begin

Around 43,000 Walt Disney World employees have officially been furloughed as of Sunday because of the coronavirus pandemic. Only 200 union workers deemed essential will stay on the job.

Some of the furloughed employees include international contract workers. FOX 35 reporter Matt Trezza is at Orlando International Airport, as they are expected to fly out of Orlando and return home on Sunday.

For example, 140 of the furloughed workers that must return home are hospitality workers from Italy who were signed on to work in the Italian pavilion of Epcot. They worked for a contractor and not directly with Disney. 

(Gilles BASSIGNAC/Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images)

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Disney said that they sent a letter to its international workers about two weeks, urging them to speak with employers. With no work, the worker's visas will soon expire and they must return home.


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