Inspiration4 team prepares for SpaceX's 1st civilian mission

Four brave souls are preparing to embark on their first trip to space.

SpaceX’s mission is called ‘Inspiration4’ and they are getting ready to do just that.

"This is a significant first step towards a world where everyone can go and explore amongst the stars. One of the things we hoped to accomplish and why we named our mission Inspiration4 is to inspire others to be able to do extraordinary, maybe even unthinkable things like go out and venture amongst the stars," said CEO Jared Issacman.

Inspiration4 will be commanded by Jared Isaacman, a 38-year-old CEO and accomplished pilot. 

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A physician’s assistant and child cancer survivor, an engineer, and an educator will also join Isaacman as the first civilians on SpaceX’s crew Dragon capsule. All without a NASA astronaut on board. 

Proceeds will go towards the St. Judes children's hospital where bone cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux spent her recovery time.

There has been a big production leading up to the big day.

Since their announcement back in March, the Inspiration4 crew has focused on mission training and preparation. They spent the past six months completing a wide range of training activities including simulations, zero-gravity plane training, medical testing, and observing other SpaceX launch operations.

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The Inspiration4 crew is scheduled to arrive in Florida this Thursday to begin final preparations for their mission.

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