Inkster man killed by stray bullet inside his room

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An Inkster man was fatally shot inside his home, by a stray bullet.

"'I love you ma.' He said that until he couldn't respond anymore," said Sanena Alexander.

Those were Anthony Alexander II's final words to his mother as he lie on his bedroom floor inside his home.

Michigan State Police say Saturday just before 9 p.m. neighbors heard roughly five gunshots about a block away from a home on Notre Dame, near Sylvia, where Anthony had been sitting in his room.

"For 28 years we had him, and we were able to enjoy him," said his father, Anthony Alexander.

"He was just watching TV, just minding his own business," said Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police.

Several bullets hit the home and the house next door.

"We all froze, like you don't want to get hit," said Sanena.

Sanena says after hearing a car race off, she ran to check on her daughter and grandkids. They ran up to Anthony's room.

"He said Ma, he called out to me, and not thinking twice I knocked on his door, I said Anthony, I called out to him," she said.

Anthony's mother says when she opened the door and saw her son. At first she didn't even realize he'd been shot.

"I went over to him and saw blood, he was saying he loved me, he repeatedly said that," she said.

Anthony was rushed to the hospital but 24 hours later doctors declared him brain dead. The young man taken off of life support Sunday night. Anthony's organs were donated.

"It’s devastating," his father said. "It's very hard to be where we're at right now."

He is remembered as a good man, sweet and a homebody. His parents say he loved drawing, writing poems, tattoos, listening to music and simply hanging out in his room.

"He never gave us any trouble, anyone else trouble," his dad said.

Michigan State Police is still trying to piece it together as well.

"It was maybe a rolling shootout between two vehicles in the city of Inkster that are possibly connected to this," Shaw said.

Police say three shootings happened in the same area on Sunday afternoon as well. Two people were possibly involved and sent to the hospital, but expected to survive. The shootings are believed to be drug or gang related.

"We are getting some good tips from the community," Shaw said.

Now Anthony's family is trying to focus on the 28 years they were able to spend with their son and trying to find comfort. in his last words to his mother.

"I've done birthday and graduations and things like that," his mother said. "But never would have imagined your own child's funeral."